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Retirement homes & care services

Care services for people in need of care

Retirement homes & care

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Senior citizens' facilities and care services

What services are available for people in need of care?

Despite taking part in sporting activities and social events, it may become necessary to seek help and support from care facilities
as a result of increasing age. If a family member becomes in need of care, it is important to find out what services are available and what needs the person requiring care has.

Here is a brief overview of the possibilities:

Outpatient care
An outpatient care service comes to your home and offers social care, help with everyday life
and even nursing care.

Day care
Day care is available for people in need of care whose care and support cannot be adequately provided during the day
. In addition, joint activities are also offered there,
so that the person in need of care has social contacts and experiences.

Care living
In a senior citizens' centre, people in need of care find a new, comfortable home with expert care around the clock.

Provider of care services and facilities for the elderly

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Immanuel Haus am Kalksee

Full inpatient care, day care, outpatient care and home nursing care


WVV health network

COMFORT Intensive Care, Disabled Driving Service and Therapy Centre

Fleet of the Pflege_Brücke

Care bridge

Nursing service for outpatient and day care for senior citizens, counselling and AG Senior Citizens' Advisory Council

Exterior view of the old railway station

Day care centre "Zum Alten Bahnhof"

with a varied, structured daily routine for senior citizens in Hennickendor



Home nursing care, medical prescriptions, domestic help and more