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Fire brigade

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Volunteer fire brigade

The members of the volunteer fire brigade assist people in emergency situations with modern emergency equipment
. Our three local fire brigades in Rüdersdorf, Hennickendorf
and Herzfelde respond to around 650 incidents a year. There are also our youth fire brigades, which are always happy to welcome new members.

Rüdersdorf local fire brigade

Rüdersdorf local fire brigade

Puschkinstraße 60
15562 Rüdersdorf near Berlin


Hennickendorf local fire brigade

Ernst-Thälmann-Straße 16 A
OT Hennickendorf
15378 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin

Vehicles of the local fire brigade Herzfelde

Herzfelde local fire brigade

Hauptstraße 41 A
OT Herzfelde
15378 Rüdersdorf near Berlin