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The Märkisch-Oderland waste disposal company is responsible for waste disposal in our municipality. You can register a free collection of bulky waste three times a year. In addition, small deliveries can also take their waste to the Rüdersdorf waste transfer station directly on the B1/B5 motorway between Tasdorf and Herzfelde. The Rüdersdorf bei Berlin app has an integrated waste calendar that reminds users of the next waste collection via push message.


Year after year, animal welfare volunteers in Waldstraße help the many toads and moor frogs cross the road on their way to Kalksee lake. If you would like to take part next year, please contact RUAK e. V.


...are available in Rüdersdorf and Herzfelde.


The municipality of Rüdersdorf near Berlin is a major healthcare centre. The Immanuel Klinikum Rüdersdorf is one of the university clinics of the Brandenburg Medical School. In addition, there are various specialists, a polyclinic, physiotherapists and general practitioners in all districts (except Lichtenow). The healthcare sector is now the largest employer in our community.


The whole town in your pocket with the Rüdersdorf bei Berlin app. Here you will find the latest news as well as the option to book an appointment, a reminder to collect your rubbish and much more. Try it out at app.ruedersdorf.de.

Car hire

See C for car sharing . Further offers may be available from car dealerships in our municipality.

Bathing spots

In addition to the lido at Stienitzsee, there is a second official bathing spot in our municipality at Kleiner Stienitzsee in the centre of Hennickendorf. In addition, there are other wild bathing spots at various lakes and creeks.

Building yard

The team from the building yard is on duty for us and you all day long. In winter they clear the paths of snow, in summer they keep the greenery in check. Unfortunately, they can't be everywhere at the same time, but they do their best every day. Of course, it would be best if everyone paid a little attention to the cleanliness of our community.


The Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Reden Library has a comprehensive range of current literature, non-fiction books, films and audio books. Registration and borrowing is free of charge. The main branch at Straße der Jugend 32, 15562 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin is open as follows:

Monday09 From 09:00 to 12:00 From 13:00 to 16:00

Tuesday09 From 09:00 to 12:00 From 13:00 to 18:00

Thursday13 From 13:00 to 18:00

Friday09 From 09:00 to 12:00 From 13:00 to 16:00

additionally every first Saturday of the month from 09:00 - 12:00

The branch in Hennickendorf (Bahnhofstraße 39) opens as follows:

Monday09 From 09:00 to 12:00 From 13:00 to 16:00

Thursday13 From 13:00 to 18:00

Advisory boards

Each of the four districts has its own local advisory council, which looks after the specific local concerns. There is also an advisory board for senior citizens and a cultural and sports advisory board. The meeting dates are published in the notice boards and in the council information system on the municipality's website and in the app.

Mountain festival

Rüdersdorf always belongs to the miners on the first weekend in July. King Wilhelm IV visited Rüdersdorf in 1841 and left a gift of money to the local people. In memory of this generosity, the Bergfest, one of the oldest folk festivals in Brandenburg, is celebrated every year. It begins with the ceremonial entry of the miners into the Rüdersdorf Museum Park on Friday evening. Throughout the weekend, there are many exciting mining-related events in the Rüdersdorf Museum Park, and there is also a parade to mark special anniversaries, the Rüdersdorf Mining Parade

Citizen service

The Citizens' Service is the central interface to the administration. Here you can make appointments and connect directly with the specialist departments or obtain information from and about the municipality.

Bridge community centre

The Brücke community centre aims to bring together stakeholders from politics, administration, business, associations and local residents. As a network, it contributes to the improvement of the neighbourhood and the development of offers for residents. On site, there are counselling services for all life situations as well as exciting thematic events. You are welcome to drop by at Brückenstraße 93 in the Rüdersdorf district.

Bus and train

Die Schöneicher-Rüdersdorfer Straßenbahn bringt Sie mit modernen Schmalspurstraßenbahnen von Rüdersdorf über Schöneiche bis nach Berlin-Friedrichshagen zur S-Bahn. In allen Ortsteilen fahren darüber hinaus regelmäßig Busse und verbinden die Ortsteile mit S- und Regio-Bahnhöfen. Verantwortlich für Bus und Bahn (dem sogenannten ÖPNV) ist der Landkreis Märkisch-Oderland. Der hat 2024 seit Nahverkehrsplan 2025 - 2029 aufgestellt.

Car sharing

DRIVE MOL Carsharing e-cars are available at two locations in our municipal area. After a short registration via app or online, you can hire them at an hourly or daily rate - for shopping, visits or excursions.

  • Berliner Straße 1, Hennickendorf, 15378 Rüdersdorf near Berlin
  • Puschkinstraße / turning loop, 15562 Rüdersdorf near Berlin

Further information and registration at: drive-mol.de


In the Rüdersdorf Museum Park, unique industrial monuments are waiting to be discovered. In addition, each district has a number of monuments to discover, such as the quail tower in Hennickendorf, the church in Herzfelde or the brick kiln in Lichtenow.


The people in our municipality are involved in over 90 associations. Discover the clubs on the website. But even without an organisation, being there for your neighbour is important to many people in our community. Every year, we honour people who have made a special contribution here. There is also the community's volunteering platform. Here you can network, share offers and organise yourself.

Aircraft noise

BER is not far away and so there is always aircraft noise over our community, mostly when there are deviations from the authorised flight paths. BER has set up a website for this purpose, where aircraft noise complaints can be reported: https://corporate.berlin-airport.de/de/umwelt/fluglaerm/flibs.html

Volunteer fire brigade

The members of the volunteer fire brigade assist people in emergency situations with modern emergency equipment. Our three local fire brigades in Rüdersdorf, Hennickendorf and Lichtenow respond to around 650 incidents a year. There are also our youth fire brigades, which are always happy to welcome new members.

Leisure time

In addition to various clubs for every taste, there are also various hiking trails, bathing spots and exciting places to discover in our municipality.

Spring cleaning

Traditionally, the Easter clean-up takes place in the municipality on the last Saturday before Easter. Associations and people in our community work together to collect rubbish from public areas and ensure that the community shines in time for Easter. After collecting the rubbish, the hard-working helpers get together and enjoy some refreshments. Information about the spring clean will be published in good time on the municipality's website and in the app.

Lost property

Have you lost something? Our public order office is also a lost property office - please enquire at ordnungsamt@ruedersdorf.de or 033638 85 450


The story goes that there used to be countless pubs and restaurants in Redenstraße. Rüdersdorf was a favourite excursion destination for many people from the capital. After the open-cast mine was expanded, the houses in Redenstraße had to be demolished - their stability was no longer safe due to the blasting. The pubs disappeared with them. Nevertheless, every neighbourhood has several restaurants.

Yellow bags

You can obtain yellow bags from the town hall of the municipality of Rüdersdorf bei Berlin, the branches of Getränke Hoffmann, the post office in Hennickendorf, the petrol station in Lichtenow and the Brücke community centre, among others.

Community representatives

The municipal council consists of 25 members and 5 political groups. The committee meets approximately every six weeks and, in addition to the municipal budget, decides and discusses all important issues in the municipality. The people in our municipality can also ask questions here. There are also five specialised committees, which discuss their specialist topics in more detail.


The healthcare sector is now the largest employer in our municipality. With the Immanuel Klinikum, we have our own university clinic of the Brandenburg Medical School in the municipality. The Klinik am See is a nationally recognised rehabilitation clinic as well as various other healthcare providers.

Watering sponsors

Our trees and flower pots need a lot of water during the hot summer months. If you would like to help, please contact the town hall at umwelt@ruedersdorf.de or call 033638 85 210.


Right at the gates of the museum park on the Strausberger Mühlenflies is the municipality's sports boat landing stage, where you can pull your kayak out of the water or moor your sports boat. Right next to it, the bivouac meadow invites you to spend the night in a tent free of charge. There is a proper industrial harbour for bulk goods in Krienhafen.


In addition to the registry office in the town hall, you can also get married in the tram, directly by the water on the wedding meadow at the museum park, at the Hennickendorf lido and on the wedding boat. Our registry office will be happy to advise you.


An den Ortseingängen des Ortsteils Rüdersdorf begrüßen Hunte Gäste und Einheimische. Diese vom Bergbauverein Rüdersdorf 1990 e. V. zur Verfügung gestellten Schienentransportwagen waren früher im Einsatz und weisen auf unsere lange Bergbaugeschichte hin.

Information on

Up-to-date information about the municipality is always available on this website, the municipality's social media channels on Facebook and Instagram or via the Rüdersdorf bei Berlin app.

Youth club

With the Notausgang youth club and the Crazyhouse, there are two youth and children's facilities that offer a diverse range of leisure activities.

Lime lake

Kalksee is the second largest lake in the municipality. It is 1.9 kilometres long and a maximum of 600 metres wide. In summer, water sports enthusiasts from the rowing club train here and, as a federal waterway, a number of boats also come to meet you. The hiking trail along the shore is one of the most beautiful in the region. You can also book round trips with Kalkseecharter.


Limestone has been mined in Rüdersdorf for over 770 years. It is the northernmost limestone quarry in Germany, which is still active today and extends over 4 kilometres in length and 1 kilometre in width. Off-road tours of the park can be booked through the Rüdersdorf Museum Park. It is also possible to search for fossils to this day - because what is limestone today was once a sea millions of years ago.


Carnival has a long tradition in the municipality, which can be experienced regularly on the streets and at the big celebrations in the cultural centre during the fifth season.

Culture centre

The Martin-Andersen-Nexö cultural centre is one of the landmarks of our municipality. It was inaugurated in 1956 after a construction period of just 27 months and has been used and actively performed in as a cultural centre ever since. Due to its construction, the people of Rüdersdorf affectionately call it the Acropolis. After such a long time, the cultural centre deserves a comprehensive refurbishment, which is imminent. In addition to fire protection, the building will be refurbished in line with its listed status and, at the same time, the cultural centre will be equipped to meet today's standards for conferences and similar events.


The municipality of Rüdersdorf belongs to the district of Märkisch-Oderland. The district town is Seelow. However, various district offices and authorities are also located in Strausberg.

Charging station

There is a charging station for electric vehicles at each of our two DRIVE MOL locations:

  • Berliner Straße 1, Hennickendorf, 15378 Rüdersdorf near Berlin
  • Puschkinstraße / turning loop, 15562 Rüdersdorf near Berlin

Please note, however, that the DRIVE MOL Carsharing car parks are not used for unloading. There are other car parks right next to it.

There is also a public charging station in the car park behind the public order office (building 2 of the municipal administration), Puschkinstraße 5, 15562 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin. Further public charging points are being planned.

You can find all charging stations for electric vehicles at: chargefinder.com


The MAERKER is the reporting portal for tips to the municipality. If you discover a broken lamppost, a large hole in the road or illegally dumped rubbish, please report it to us via MAERKER.

Museum Park

The Rüdersdorf Museum Park is an open-air museum of industrial history. It is home to a globally unique ensemble of industrial culture. Year after year, it attracts many visitors from near and far with its hidden corners, surprising visual axes and industrial architecture steeped in history. The place breathes history.


All important resolutions of the municipal council as well as information on events and the like can be found in the municipal gazette. You can receive this free of charge by newsletter or have it sent directly to your home. Register at amtsblatt@ruedersdorf.de or call 033638 / 85-324.

Public order office

The team from the public order office regularly checks that everything is in order in our municipality. Unfortunately, they can't always be everywhere. In addition to parking offences, they also deal with found animals, lost property, illegal dumping and much more.

Organ donation register

Im Rahmen der stufenweisen Umsetzung der Inbetriebnahme des Organspenderegisters kann eine Erklärung zur Organ- und Gewebespende, die in der Personalausweisbehörde abgegeben wird (§ 2 Abs. 1 TPG), gegenwärtig nicht im Organspenderegister registriert werden, da eine Abgabe der Erklärung ausschließlich elektronisch über ein Smartphone, Tablet oder einen PC möglich ist.

Konkret bedeutet dies, dass eine Eintragung ins Organspenderegister jederzeit selbständig online vorgenommen werden kann. In unserem Bürgerservice erhalten Sie Infomaterialien zum Onlineregister.


The municipality of Rüdersdorf near Berlin has a population of over 16,000 and is divided into the four districts of Rüdersdorf, Hennickendorf, Herzfelde and Lichtenow.

Partner communities/cities

Rüdersdorf near Berlin is twinned with five other towns. The most intensive exchanges are between Pierrefitte-sur-Seine in France (since 1966) and Santok in Poland (officially since 2021). There are also partnerships with Hemmoor, Schwegenheim and Neuburg am Rhein, which are maintained by the local districts in particular.

Q for ...

We couldn't think of anything for the letter Q. However, if you would like information about a Q, please contact us at ortsleben@ruedersdorf.de

Town hall

The listed town hall is located in the former office building of the district court and is part of an ensemble of three buildings. The administration of the municipality of Rüdersdorf bei Berlin is divided into three buildings in the centre of the Rüdersdorf district. The citizens' office as the central point of contact is located in House 1, Hans-Striegelski-Straße 5.

Police officers

In the municipality of Rüdersdorf, the responsible police officers offer regular consultation hours.


The municipality has three schools. The primary school at Stienitzsee in Hennickendorf, the primary and secondary school in Rüdersdorf and the Friedrich-Anton-von-Heinitz-Gymnasium in Rüdersdorf.


Kalksee and Stienitzsee are the two large lakes in our municipality with excellent water quality. Both are idyllically situated and invite you to relax in many places. In addition, there are a number of small lakes, streams and former quarries in all parts of the village that are also worth discovering.

Lake Stienitz

The largest lake in our municipality. With a length of 3.2 km and a maximum width of 960 m, it forms the last navigable point in our municipality as a state waterway. In summer, many sailing boats and bathers come here. Along the banks you will find many an exciting building, the lido, but also wet meadows and fantastic biotopes.

Social guide

The social network in our region is close-knit. The services offered by institutions, clubs, associations and service providers are just as diverse as their areas of responsibility. The social signpost of the municipality of Rüdersdorf bei Berlin will help you not to lose track. It is your guide to educational, counselling and support services. In addition to direct contacts and various contact details, the social guide also contains descriptions of services and links that will take you to the providers' websites for further information. You will find a wealth of information on 82 pages - you can also obtain a printed version of the guide from the town hall.

Opencast mining

In the centre of our municipality lies the northernmost open-cast limestone mine in Germany, which is still active today and extends over 4 km in length and 1 km in width. The lowest point in Brandenburg lies at the bottom of the open-cast mine, far below sea level. Limestone can still be mined here until 2062. The open-cast mine will then be flooded again and the pearl of the Mark, a marvellous lake, will be created once more. Off-road tours of the park can be booked through the Rüdersdorf Museum Park. It is also possible to search for fossils to this day - because what is limestone today was once a sea millions of years ago.


Rüdersdorf near Berlin is not only a traditional industrial centre, but also offers plenty of nature. Theodor Fontane already knew this when he spent his poet's holiday at the idyllic Kalksee lake in Rüdersdorf in July/August 1887. The lake not only provides access to many other Brandenburg water areas, but also to the Großer Stienitzsee via the Mühlenfließ. The Stienitzsee lido with boat hire is particularly popular with families in the summer months. There are also other bathing spots at the lakes in the municipal area.

Tourist information

You will find a tourist information centre in the entrance area of the museum park.

U for ...

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Various cultural, sporting and much more events take place almost every weekend. Our calendar of events provides a comprehensive overview.

Quail tower

The landmark of Hennickendorf is the 20-metre-high Wachtelturm tower on the Wachtelberg. From here you have a marvellous view over our community as far as Berlin and our wonderful countryside.


Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, our municipality is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Dive in and let yourself be inspired.

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Y for ...

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Cement is the main material produced from the Rüdersdorf limestone. For a long time, Rüdersdorf suffered from the structural prosperity of Berlin and Potsdam, as the open-cast mining here created the negative footprint of both cities. In the meantime, the cement works in the municipality have become much cleaner and people no longer suffer from the heavy emissions they did before 1990.


The districts of Hennickendorf, Herzfelde and Lichtenow were once booming brickworks centres. Clay was extracted everywhere and processed in the nearby brickworks. Silent witnesses of this time can still be found in many places today. One particularly impressive brick kiln is still well preserved in Lichtenow, which is open to visitors in the summer months - in the winter months the bats hibernate there.