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Life and leisure activities in the municipality are diverse. This is also reflected in the large number of
events, which are organised and held by many of our community's stakeholders. Whether it's the mountain festival in Rüdersdorf, the Stienitzsee festival in Hennickendorf, the summer festival in Herzfelde or the village festival in Lichtenow - every district has its own traditional annual festivals.

The Rüdersdorf Health Days take place throughout the municipality. Our sports clubs in particular are involved in these events, offering taster courses for residents, among other things. The CITY CYCLING event has been held every year since 2021 to compete for the municipality's challenge cup.

The Colourful Mile offers tradespeople and companies in particular the opportunity to present themselves in the municipality every two years. It takes place alternately each year with the Mayor's Business Reception. Every year, the Brücknick invites you to the largest picnic in the municipality on the Peter Lübkes Bridge under a different theme.

There is also a wide range of events for young and old at the Martin Andersen Culture Centre
Nexö, the library, the Rüdersdorf Museum Park, the churches and many other locations.

The town hall regularly hosts exhibitions.

Calendar of events


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