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Rehabilitation centre for internal medicine

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Clinic by the lake

Rehabilitation at the Rüdersdorf health centre

The Klinik am See is located in the Seebad district of Rüdersdorf, surrounded by woods and water in the immediate vicinity of the Immanuel Hospital.

The clinic primarily treats patients undergoing follow-up treatment after hospitalisation. The doctors, nurses, psychologists and therapists work as a team to care for patients suffering from one of the following illnesses:

  • Heart attack or heart surgery such as bypass or valve surgery
  • Breast cancer
  • Cancer of the digestive organs
  • Stem cell transplantation
  • Chronic inflammatory bowel disease
  • Operations on the digestive organs

The treatment concept is aimed at reducing the secondary disorders of the disease and increasing knowledge about the disease through training.

Patients learn how to positively influence their risk factors. The extensive diagnostic and therapeutic measures are aimed at achieving the highest possible quality of life so that, after treatment, they can once again fulfil the requirements of their profession and participate in social life with as few restrictions as possible.

Since its reopening in 1995, around 4,000 patients have been treated in the clinic's 230 single rooms every year, usually staying for three weeks as inpatients or outpatients.