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Drawings of different family constellations

Families and social affairs

There are various social facilities for all generations in our community.

In addition to childcare and educational facilities, families also have access to other social services such as the parent-child centre and family centre. There are various clubs and facilities for young people, as well as intergenerational contact points such as the Brücke community centre and the family centre.

Senior citizens have the opportunity to make use of contact and meeting points as well as interest groups and offers in the individual districts.

Our social guide provides you with an overview of all the services available in our municipal area.


Day-care centre fence

Daycare centres


After-school care room







Ageing & Seniors' Advisory Council


Bridge community centre

Bridge community centre


Youth facilities

Haus Kiebitz - Hands

ElKiZ & Family Centre


Social guide of the municipality


The social network in our region is close-knit. The services offered by institutions, associations, organisations and service providers are just as diverse as their areas of activity.

The social guide of the municipality of Rüdersdorf near Berlin is designed to help you keep track of things. It is intended to be your guide to educational, counselling and support services.

In addition to direct contacts and various contact details, the social guide also contains descriptions of services and links that take you to the providers' websites for further information.
The services can be divided into two sections.

Chapter 1: Offers within the community:

  • Offers for general counselling
  • Offers for children and young people, young families and single parents
  • Offers for older people with health restrictions
  • Leisure and holiday activities
  • Offers of practical help
  • Therapy and special sports programmes

Chapter 2: Offerings outside the community:

  • Offers for general counselling
  • Offers for mental, physical or other health restrictions
  • Labour office, social welfare office and co.
  • Further offers
  • Networks